Congratulations Champions!

Congratulations to our 2022 Champions 🏁

Street Stocks Dustin Wilkinson!
Tracers Kasey Lee!
Tuners Myke Landis!
Modified Don Jenner/Matt Jenner!
Pure Stocks Lanette Phillips!
Sportsman Don Jenner/Matt Jenner
4 Cylinder Bob Berg!

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  1. Maybe when the pit Stuart says no e will look over to the scales because while he was saying it the 51 4 cylinder cars pit was full of booze they started hittting the bottle about 1:45. We’re parked right next to pit board officials everywhere and I am the only one who seen . Really.

    • Next time you see this, will you please find an official! We are busy doing other things we don’t notice this. We rely on people being honest and we do not know until someone brings it to our attention.

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