2021 Schedule


Updated 2021 Schedule as of 7/15/2021

July 24th – Tuner with increased purse, pure stocks, 4 cylinders, (sportsman non points)

7th – JC Miller Memorial – NW Dwarfs, Sportsman, 4 cylinders, tracer, pure stock, (Modified non points) Sponsored by Armadas Exterior

14th – Micro increased purse, turner, 4 cylinder, sportsman, pure stock increase purse Sponsored by Les Schwab St Helens

21st- Iron Giants, NW 4 Cylinder Challenge, Modified, Tracers *****$25 car load for spectators*****  Sponsored by DFI & Economy Auto Parts

22nd – increased Modified purse, NW 4 Cylinder Challenge, Iron Giants, Tracers Sponsored by DFI & Economy Auto Parts

4th & 5th – Potter Memorial – Late Models, NW Dwarfs, Modified, Sportsman, Tracer, Tuners Sponsored by Sunset Auto Parts (increased sportsman payout for the 5th only)

17th – Pocket Change – Dwarfs, Pure Stocks Sponsored by Davids Automotive & Dr. Auto
18th – Pocket Change – Dwarfs, Pure Stocks, 4 Cylinders Sponsored by Dr. Auto & Davids Automotive

25th – Championship Night – Micros, Tuner, 4 Cylinder, Pure Stock, Modified, Sportsman, Tracers Sponsored by Skinny’s Texaco

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